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Animation Training Videos

How Whiteboard Animation Training Videos Can Create Engagement

Whiteboard Animation training videos can be a powerful tool for training managers as knowing how to create engaging training content is one of the biggest challenges when planning content delivery. Due to its flexibility, particularly when utilising whiteboard animation, video is a highly effective and

Powerful Explainer Video Script

The 4 Keys to a Powerful Explainer Video Script

Your explainer video script will dictate the success of your animated video.  If the script doesn’t engage your target customers, your video will fail to meet its goals, not matter how good it looks.  Here are 4 key elements that must be included if you

different types of animation styles

Different Types of Animation Styles

Animators are able to communicate the most complex messages in the simplest of terms and, as if by magic, bring stories to life! There’s nothing new about animation – it’s been around in one form or another since 1892. But now, technology and, of course,