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Whiteboard Explainer Video Specialists

Since 2012, at Cartoon Media, we have been doing just one thing – producing powerful, great-looking Whiteboard Animation & 2D Explainer Videos that grow businesses and get your message seen, understood and followed.

Whether you need an Explainer Video to grab people’s attention on your homepage, a training video for your staff, or a short promotional video that helps to build your brand, our whiteboard animation service is here to help.

We’ll manage every stage of our proven production process (unless you’d prefer to manage certain stages yourself), and you’ll have your own Project Manager to guide you through the process and help with any questions you have along the way. No need to speak with multiple creatives to get the job done as you’d like it!

Meet our Founder – Phil Hampton

Back in 2012, after 20 years of project managing complex software developments, Phil turned his passion for animation into a successful business by launching Cartoon Media.

Having a strong interest in comics and cartoons for over 35 years, and with a fascination with the industry, Phil launched a blogsite in 2010 to teach marketing and personal development strategies to comic book writers and artists. It didn’t take too long of working with these talented writers and cartoonists for Phil to realise the business potential of a whiteboard animation service and how it could benefit businesses worldwide. Cartoon Media was born!

Phil is interested in all aspects of branding, design and marketing and these interests ensure that our custom-built videos don’t just look great. They’re also designed to achieve your business goals. Phil loves reading, spending time with his family, and walking his dog, Barney, to the beach or coastal path every day.

Cartoon Media’s Creative Video Animation Team

Our expert creative team is made up of highly professional cartoonists, illustrators, animators and voice artists. Your creative video animation team will be assembled based on your requirements.

For example, we use freelance voice artists around the globe, so you know the voice on your video will have a native regional accent (if you need one) rather than an impression of one. Only trusted professionals will work on your video, plus we work on an Unlimited Corrections basis to ensure that you’ll love your finished video.

  • We only work with a handful of clients at a time, so that we can build a great working relationship with you. We promise to put you on a pedestal, not a conveyor belt.
  • From scriptwriting to video editing, our whiteboard animation production process is fully ‘Done For You’. Following our proven consultation process, just sit back and review our work in progress whilst we create the perfect video for you.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be 100% committed to your success. We also work on an Unlimited Corrections basis to ensure that you’re ecstatic about your finished video.
  • Every video has a purpose. We’ll build your video to exceed your business goals, whether that’s to drive traffic to your site, increase leads and sales, train your staff or build your brand.
  • A quality business like yours needs a quality video. Your video will be produced solely by experts in their respective fields – professional scriptwriters, voiceover artists, cartoonists, animators and project managers.
  • Clip art and templates can make your video look cheap and ‘cookie-cutter’, so we promise to never use them. All of the images in your video will be designed from scratch based on the approved storyboard, to ensure that our whiteboard animation service is unique to you, not a pale imitation of someone else’s.

We are a specialist whiteboard video animation company producing high quality, bespoke and tailored animations that meet your needs. Unfortunately, there are many animation companies who use cut-and-paste software using clip art images that automatically animate, but which result in poor quality videos.
Our mission is to stand apart by always giving a boutique agency service and producing top quality, custom-designed videos, at competitive prices that even startups can afford.

We work in a rapidly changing industry. One day quality 3D videos will be cheap enough to make that they become the norm. But we believe in videos that don’t just look great, but get results for our customers. So while Whiteboard and 2D videos keep producing great results, we’ll keep producing them rather than chasing the latest fad.

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