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5 Ways that Whiteboard Videos beat Powerpoint Videos for Training

If you’re looking to create training videos for your staff or clients, and are considering recording a screen capture video of a Powerpoint presentation, a whiteboard video might be a better option.

Here are 5 ways in which Whiteboard Videos improve upon the learning experience of watching a Powerpoint video.

1. New and refreshing

We’ve all been subjected to ‘death by Powerpoint’, when the presenter runs through a hundred slides, each with 10 bullet points. Ask your staff or customers to watch a Powerpoint video and they’ll get the matchsticks ready to keep their eyelids open.

Whiteboard videos, made up of doodle images being drawn by a hand, are relatively new, so your audience are more likely to look forward to the training and be in the best frame of mind to learn.

2. No rambling

Before creating the images and voice track for a whiteboard video, a concise, structured script and storyboard are written.  This ensures that no words are wasted, and that the images displayed relate directly to the words being spoken to enhance the learning experience. Contrast this with Powerpoint presentations where the presenter goes off on a tangent because of something they’ve just remembered casually linked to what they are talking about, but which hinders the learning experience for the audience.

3. More memorable

As mentioned in this article, there’s an average 15% increase in remembering information from Whiteboard videos compared to learning from words alone. If you want your audience to remember the key facts of the presentation weeks or even months later, then use a Whiteboard Video.

4. More entertaining

As most teachers know, if you want your students to learn something , make the process fun. Although Powerpoint presentations using clip art of Google images can be fun, it takes great skill and practice over time to achieve this when presenting.

Whiteboard Videos, on the other hand are naturally entertaining, especially when the cartoons are professionally drawn (like ours!).

5. The images directly relate to the learning points

Ever watched a Powerpoint presentation where the images on the screen have a very loose connection to the point being made, because the presenter couldn’t find exactly what they wanted in Google images?  You end up concentrating more on the badly-chosen image than the message being conveyed.

The images for our Whiteboard Videos are all custom drawn based on the agreed storyboard, so you know that your message will be heard, seen and understood.

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