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7 Reasons Why Whiteboard Videos Convert Better Than Talking Head Videos

When selling a product, service, or any item online, the usage of video has become a turnkey and innovative form of leading prospects into purchasing. A variety of online video marketing has come about ranging from cartoon videos to talking heads. They are all different ways to convince people to buy what you are selling, whether it’s an eBook, video training, or a service. However, one of the coolest new ways to convert sales better are whiteboard videos. Some people don’t believe whiteboard animation is better than talking head videos, but they definitely are much better than you think.

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation utilizes the power of cartoons and drawing to convey your message. These videos usually involve having a person’s hand draw out the depiction of the story with someone talking as the drawings are being made. If you were to sell a weight loss training program, the video would talk about the reader’s struggle with losing weight with drawings of big people. Sales videos need to be concise while providing a quality message that convinces people they need the product or service, and whiteboard videos help enhance the buying experience.

7 Reasons Why Whiteboard Videos Convert Better Than Talking Head Videos

Having some person speak to your audience has proven to be an effective sales video, but it isn’t as powerful as whiteboard. Take a look at some of the best reasons that make animated whiteboard videos more compelling and powerful for more sales when compared to talking head videos.

1.They Are Fun To Watch Until The End

When you visit a site that teaches you how to remove your pimples or zits, and then suddenly a video comes up of some random girl talking about her pimples, it gets boring. These animated videos are fun, exciting, and very compelling. They are interesting enough to watch until the end, and we all know that if you want someone to buy what you’re selling, you need to keep them interested until the very end. These videos help make the buyer continue to finish what the offer is and consider buying.

2.They’re Memorable

Whiteboard videos are memorable and enjoyable to watch. They’re more entertaining than other forms of sales video, they are more interesting to watch, and the way the hand draws makes watching them almost hypnotic. Oftentimes, people may want to watch again to see how the artist draws everything, so it is definitely more memorable.

3. Compelling Words Create More Sales

When the writer of the video has a unique script with a lot of creativity, the drawings and the offer come together to create a more compelling offer. This is what makes it so great in converting offers. The script is one of the most important parts of any video sales letter. However, if the video is boring and bland, the talking really needs to shine through, but whiteboard combines everything to make it more memorable. Just a good script and the usage of whiteboard video production can create great results.

4.It’s Easy to Customise Your Message

Aren’t you sick of creating a video presentation that has old stock images everybody has seen? Those are super annoying. A video with whiteboard animations is nearly customised with images nobody has seen before, or to put it more effectively, animation. In the end, you don’t have to worry about having someone talking in your videos that has done this on hundreds of other videos for other companies.

5. They Spark Your Customers’ Imaginations

When creating a long sales letter, the goal of the copywriter is to have the readers and potential buyers to imagine what it would be like to have the product in their hands. The copy is supposed to create a picture of what they would feel when they get the product or service. This type of video does this in a very unique and different way. It uses images as animation to create this image, and you could create any image you want in the eyes of your readers. Copy writing and selling just got easier using this type of video. It’s the perfect video to have everyone create the picture in their mind without having to come up with super difficult sales copy.

6.They Sell Without Being Salesy

Readers who are just browsing online will watch some girl talking and instantly think, “Someone is trying to sell me something.” With this kind of video, the animation makes it look fun, and it is not something that only wants to sell. It doesn’t hit people right away that they’ll be buying. It slowly leads people into learning about the offer. The key, of course, is to be good at copy writing and having a good script. However, whiteboard animation increases the conversation rate rapidly.

7.They Quickly Get to the Heart of Your Message

These videos don’t have someone talking to readers asking them useless questions, and this can get boring. The artist will create animation that asks people questions, but it does so in a unique, fun, and interactive way. The animation reels clients in by showing them their problems with the product or service being the solution. Whiteboard video is simple and to the point, and it doesn’t bore people with some random girl talking to the video.

Creating a whiteboard video is not easy, and it takes plenty of time to create the animation. Here at Cartoon Media, we want to help you achieve better conversions on the products and/or services you are selling. We will customise and properly design a whiteboard video for you at the best possible price. We regularly aim to make our whiteboard animation videos look effortless, and provide an interactive feeling for all viewers.

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