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different types of animation styles

Different Types of Animation Styles

Animators are able to communicate the most complex messages in the simplest of terms and, as if by magic, bring stories to life! There’s nothing new about animation – it’s been around in one form or another since 1892. But now, technology and, of course,

Training Presentations: How Whiteboard Videos beat PowerPoint

5 Ways that Whiteboard Videos beat PowerPoint Videos for Training

If you’re in the process of developing training presentations for your staff or clients, the choice between a traditional screen capture video of a PowerPoint presentation and an innovative whiteboard video can significantly impact the effectiveness of your training program. Discover the superior advantages of

Why Doodle Animation is better than TV Advertising

As you are contemplating your marketing plan, you may be considering TV advertising, rather than online video, but there’s one reason why you should be strongly considering doodle animation as part of your marketing plan. And that is: Doodle Animations hold Attention TV advertising is

How Startups Benefit From Custom-Made Explainer Videos

If you own a startup or are working in one, conveying complex ideas in a simple yet compelling manner is often a significant challenge. As an entrepreneur, you need to grab people’s attention at the right moment in their customer journey, and one effective way

Video Promotion Strategies How to Use Videos for Generating Leads

3 Ways To Use Video For Generating Leads

Welcome to our blog post on video promotion strategies! In today’s digital age, using videos has become increasingly important for businesses looking to generate leads and engage with potential customers. In this article, we will explore three effective ways to utilize videos in your marketing