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Tips On How To Promote Your New Animated Marketing Video

When you have ordered an Animated Marketing Video for your company and it is ready to face the world, there are many options in order to get it across to people in the most efficient way possible. You can start from your own website, various social media channels and advertising channels, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you maximise the impact of your video.

1.Social Media

The majority of successful businesses have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat. But the potential there is sometimes missed. A great little trick to do is to create around ten snippets of your new post linking to your video with variations of the title, statistics, quotes, and statements from the content. That way you can share the same video multiple times without annoying your followers and leading them to believe that you don’t have anything new to offer. Another great way to share on social media, is groups. Add your company page into relevant groups and post away! People who are keeping an eye on a specific group will be interested in the topic and if your video promises to introduce something that might be useful to them, you will get attention.

2.Your Company Website

An Explainer Video on your homepage will be used to briefly outline your product or service, and explain why you are better than your competitors. Because visitors to your site will leave within 8 seconds if they can’t find anything engaging, this is where an Explainer Video can reduce your bounce rate, increase visitor engagement, and thus improve your website’s Google ranking.

A test of 95 000 landing pages confirmed that the higher your video is on the page, the higher the play rate will be. You are actually doing your audience a favour by putting interesting and introductory material above the fold on high-traffic pages, so that people can understand your business better. You can also add sharing buttons in the bottom of your video to make it as easy as possible to share the content.

3.Email Lists

If you have gathered some great contacts over the years and built yourself an email list, this is a great opportunity to promote your new content. You can embed a thumbnail of the video into the email and hyperlink it to the video itself, plus add introductory text to accompany it. Why not even ask for people’s opinion and get them into a conversation? If they like the video and it is relevant to what they do, the odds are, that they might even share it. In fact, just adding the word ’video’ into the subject line, boosts open rates 19%, and click-through rates up to 56%. You could also simply add a link to the video into your email signature so that it will appear in every email you send out over a certain period of time and ensure that it is seen by as many as possible.


In order to get your video, and therefore your company in front of many new faces, YouTube advertising is a great path to take. Your budget does not have to be enormous, you just need to know a little bit about your existing customers and their interests. You can make your video easily discoverable by figuring out the most popular keywords relating to your business by using an online keyword tool. Then, you can set the campaign to target where the majority of your customers live and set it as either a display as or a pre-roll ad, which appears whenever they click a related video. You can even set it to target people who have visited your website in the past. YouTube has earned its respect amongst big brands, which means that every top 100 global brand has used YouTube ads at some point, or continues to do so.