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Why Doodle Animation is better than TV Advertising

As you are contemplating your marketing plan, you may be considering TV advertising, rather than online video, but there’s one reason why you should be strongly considering doodle animation as part of your marketing plan.

And that is:

Doodle Animations hold Attention

TV advertising is a dying medium. The younger generation are watching more programmes online, via the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime video which don’t have ads. When we do engage with traditional TV shows, we tend to record them on our set-top boxes to fast-forward through the ads instead of scrolling through Instagram simultaneously.

Nowadays, ads are more likely to be encountered online than on TV, and this is where doodle animation takes centre stage.

Doodle Animation videos captivate and retain attention through the synergy of visual (hand-drawn cartoon images) and audio (voiceover and music).

The hand-drawing action sustains attention by prompting our brains to wonder, ‘What is being drawn next?’ while the cartoon images simplify complex messages, aiding viewers in retaining key points of your message for days, weeks, or even months later.

Doodle Animations Convey Detailed Information

A Doodle Animation video (also known as a Whiteboard Animation Video or Video Scribe) can pack in a lot of information because there is not the same constraint on time or style that there is in a TV ad.

Most TV ads are approximately 15 to 30 seconds of promotion for a product, and that same 15 to 30 second spot is repeated over and over with nothing new added. This sort of “saturation” advertising relies upon repeated airing and flashy tactics to be remembered by the viewing audience, in part because TV viewers tend to be distracted.

A Doodle Animation Video does not operate by this saturation method. The only limits on its length or content are what you place on it. This can give you ample time to reinforce your brand’s message while providing detailed information through a much longer video. The video can also be used in web advertising.

Video sites like YouTube will even allow you to use lengthier videos as advertisements; viewers may “skip” after 15 or 30 seconds or watch the entire video and the companies are charged less or not at all for videos not watched to completion. Both options give you a captive audience that you simply do not have on television.

Doodle Animations Are Cost Effective

A high-quality television ad can be expensive just in its production, and the costs don’t stop there. You must also pay for ad time, which can vary depending on the length of your ad, the popularity of the show during which you wish to advertise, and how often you want your ad to run.

There is no need for there to be extra money invested beyond the initial cost to produce the video. A Doodle Animation video can be uploaded to YouTube for free, and it can be viewed repeatedly from your channel at no additional cost to you.

If you choose to use the video as an advertising tool that you pay to place on certain websites, you may still do so, but it is not a necessity to get your video to an audience.

Greater Online Reach

YouTube, owned by Google, favours videos from its affiliate site. This means that videos from YouTube are not only more likely to be suggested in a basic search on the site, but they also receive preferential treatment in video searches.

At no additional cost, you can achieve broader distribution through the most-used search engine on the internet; a level of exposure on television would be prohibitively expensive.

For a good return on investment, doodle video production is a wise choice. The distribution cost is upfront; additional advertising spots are optional. By placing a video on YouTube, you benefit from preference on the world’s most popular search engine, offering dividends in more ways than one.

Creating a Doodle Animation video is not a simple task; it takes time and effort to craft the animation. At Cartoon Media, we strive to help you enhance conversions on your products or services. We will customise and design a whiteboard video for you at the best possible price, aiming to make our whiteboard animation videos appear effortless and provide an interactive experience for all viewers.

If you’re ready to boost engagement, enhance brand visibility, and convert visitors into loyal customers, take the first step today. Contact Cartoon Media for a free quote or any inquiries by calling us at 1-800-345-2064 (US/Canada Toll-Free) or +44 (0)800 019 8522 (UK/Rest of World). Let us transform your message into a visual masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

We can provide you with a quality Doodle Animation video that will convert more visitors into buyers.