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Using Whiteboard Animation To Promote Insurance Company Products

The average person is exposed to thousands of marketing messages everyday, making it harder for insurance companies selling established products and services to cut through the noise.

This is particularly true if the product or service being marketed is one that the target audience is aware of but that is not exciting or engaging. Companies with this challenge need a way to reach this audience and get them to listen to their message. In this blog we look at a case study of how to use explainer videos for insurance companies to promote insurance products and other professional services.

Case Study – Whiteboard Animation To Promote Insurance

One industry where this could be a challenge is the insurance industry; potential customers may have some level of understanding of the overall concept of insurance. However, it is not one that is likely to excite them.

This is why Generali commissioned Cartoon Media to make a two-minute explainer video to support their latest marketing campaign.  The video we created explains the services offered by the company in an engaging way, and also contains a clear call to action which then gives the user directions on what to do next.

The Generali Video

The Generali video is designed to familiarise the audience with key insurance concepts and educate them on different scenarios where the company’s products and services can benefit the customer.

Despite only being two minutes long, the nature of whiteboard animation explainer videos allows the video to start off by setting the scene and show how surprises good and bad can occur in our daily lives.

From this light-hearted stepping off point, the video goes on to explain what insurance is and then outlining two hypothetical scenarios where the company’s services can provide a benefit to the customer.

The video then ends with a call to action for the viewer to visit the Generali website which is the goal of the campaign.

To see a few more videos we’ve created for insurance companies, click here.

Power Of Whiteboard Animation Video

In the crowded landscape of insurance marketing, capturing the attention of an audience familiar with the concept but not inherently engaged can be a challenge. This case study on using whiteboard animation to promote insurance unveils a potent solution. The Generali video, crafted by Cartoon Media, not only demystifies insurance concepts but also engages viewers with relatable scenarios. The power of whiteboard animation lies in its ability to simplify complexities, making the mundane captivating.

Ready to elevate your insurance marketing? Explore the dynamic world of explainer videos for insurance companies with Cartoon Media. Transform your message into an engaging visual story. Contact us today to bring your insurance products to life.