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Why Choose Cartoon Media for your Explainer Video?

With so many companies claiming to produce great Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animations, Doodle Videos and Video Scribes, it can be difficult to know who to choose to produce your animated video.

Here are 7 reasons why you can trust Cartoon Media to produce a high-quality animated video for you:

1.We Write Compelling Scripts With Marketing Know-How

Unlike many explainer video producers, we pride ourselves on our marketing knowledge, and know how to get a casual viewer to understand the benefits of your business and take your call to action. Do you want prospects to give you a call? Opt in to your email list? Download your free report? Order your product? Whatever you want viewers to do, our skilled copywriters will write a powerful, entertaining script and storyboard for your video that explains why your product or service is perfect for their needs.

2. 100% Custom Videos – No clip art or templates!

You may have seen the same images popping up in different whiteboard videos from other producers. This is often because stock images or templates are being used, which can give the videos a ‘cookie cutter’ look, and make your viewer much more likely to get bored and click away early.

You want your video to stand out, not look like everyone else’s!

At Cartoon Media, we never use clip art. We have a team of professional cartoonists who draw custom images based on the approved storyboard. We promise that your Explainer Video from Cartoon Media will be unique to your vision.

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3. Unlimited Corrections

Don’t you just hate it when a company doesn’t deliver what you asked for in the first place and then charges more to rectify the problems?

Or they allow a limited number of corrections and still fail to deliver what you’d ordered?

At Cartoon Media, we’re different. Because we liaise with you at each stage of the production process, we often find that our customers love the first draft of their videos.

But even if you’re not happy with aspects of your video, whether that’s the script, cartoons or voiceover, we’re happy to make corrections at no extra cost until you love your finished video.

4. Tailored Project Team

Other whiteboard video producers limit your options for the look and feel of your video. We believe that if you’re paying for a quality promotional video, you should be able to decide how it looks and sounds.

Our team of professional cartoonists are flexible and varied in their art styles. If none of the styles in our Animated Video Gallery match what you’re looking for, just provide us with a link to a video with your ideal style and we will emulate it. No problem.

We also have access to hundreds of voiceover artists from around the globe. You just tell us what you’re looking for, and we will provide you with voice samples that we think suit your requirements. It’s your choice.

If your package includes a music track, we source this from which has thousands of available tracks. We’ll find a great track to match your needs, and the licence fee for legal use of the track will not cost you any extra.

You are also allocated a dedicated project manager who will be your sole contact for the project. You won’t have to deal separately with the cartoonist, voiceover artist or video editor, giving you peace of mind that there is one person available to deal with all of your queries and make the whole process hassle-free.

5. Great Value Packages

At Cartoon Media, we believe in being great value, not in being cheap. Whilst we’re not the cheapest Explainer video producer around, you will struggle to find a company offering our level of service and video quality at our prices. We aim to match, or even exceed, the quality of the larger whiteboard animation companies, but our prices are significantly lower.

In fact, they’re less than half the prices charged by other whiteboard animation companies, such as Ydraw, Truscribe and Switch Video.

And we only work with a handful of clients at a time, helping us to build a relationship with you and keep the professional quality and effectiveness of your video high.

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6. No Hidden Extras

Beware of whiteboard video companies who seem to quote low prices for your video but then charge extra for standard services such as writing the storyboard, providing the voiceover, or even creating your video in HD.
All of our packages include these features and much more.

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7. Our customers love our service!

Here are just a few comments from our hundreds of satisfied customers.

“Cartoon Media made the whole process of producing our videos a pleasure and I would absolutely recommend them to any organisation large or small.”

“At all times they were a pleasure to deal with and the finished product was all we hoped it would be. We will be back for more”

“In the era of video communication we have no hesitation in recommending Cartoon Media to relate your message to potential customers.”

“I will be using you for many more in the near future as I have had great feedback on this already.”

“Very creative, very responsive and very professional – everything that a client would wish for.”

“Competitive pricing and impressive delivery. We would happily recommend Cartoon Media!”

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Want to know more?

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