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How Whiteboard Animation Training Videos Can Create Engagement

Whiteboard Animation training videos can be a powerful tool for training managers as knowing how to create engaging training content is one of the biggest challenges when planning content delivery.

Due to its flexibility, particularly when utilising whiteboard animation, video is a highly effective and popular solution to this challenge.

In the digital age, video content is becoming more and more effective at capturing the attention of audiences compared to text or picture based mediums. This is expected to continue in 2017 as social media and web designers utilise video to reach their audience more effectively.

What Is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video content where a creative story or concept is drawn on a whiteboard with an accompanying voiceover explaining the visual element.  The action of the hand drawing the cartoon images keeps the audience engaged and entertained, increasing the chance that they will view the video until the end, instead of clicking away.

This format is popular in marketing and advertising but its engaging content style makes it an ideal choice for use with applications within the training and education industries. However, the versatility of whiteboard animations allows them to create an impact in a variety of industries while utilising a wide range of applications.

Whiteboard Animation for Training Videos

Video has been used in training programmes for decades. The inclusion of a whiteboard animation makes it a powerful learning tool that will break up any monotonous or uninspiring content and package it in a more engaging way. The format of the videos, the style, tone and flexibility of whiteboard animation is perfect for creating videos for a wide range of training topics and audiences.

This can be particularly effective when accompanying in-depth, or text heavy training materials that learners may struggle to absorb on their own.

If your organisation creates education or training videos and would like to find out more about how whiteboard animation can make an impact for your business contact our team here.