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Whiteboard Animation Training Video – Create An Engaging eTraining Library

One of the advantages of whiteboard animation training videos is the flexibility that they offer companies looking to get complex messages and concepts across to an audience in a quick and efficient way.

This makes whiteboard animation training video perfect for many different video types, including those used for education and training purposes. The format of the videos and the flexibility that they provide means that marketing departments and learning and development teams can create engaging content to suit the different needs of their organisation.

Here are a few different ways that whiteboard animation videos can be used for training and educational videos.

Whiteboard Animation Training Video Libraries

If your company has a vast e-learning database, the challenge can be presenting the information in a different and interesting way to your audience.

Training libraries that could benefit from whiteboard animation could include topics like employee policies, industry regulations, or best practices. A whiteboard animation e-learning video can help turn what may be monotonous information into interesting, engaging, and memorable content.

Process Diving

Once your audience understands the top level of a subject, an animation video can be used to delve a little bit deeper into the subject area,conveying complex messages to your audience quickly, efficiently, and engagingly.

These videos can be between 2-5 minutes long: short and effective, they can be a vital tool to build the knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic amongst your employees or process users.


Whitepapers and other guides and resources demonstrate your company’s knowledge of the subject area in an interesting and shareable way. An alternative to a whitepaper could be a whiteboard animation video.

Turning your industry leading content into a video transforms your content into something engaging and potentially shareable.

This creates the ability to not only reach your existing audience, but to make contact with new ones beyond it, increasing the power and value of this marketing investment.

If your organisation creates training videos and would like to find out more about how whiteboard animation can make an impact for your business contact our team here