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What is Video Scribing and Why is it Important?

The Evolution of Video Scribing

You may have heard about Video Scribing and wondered what it was. It’s often used as an alternative phrase to describe Whiteboard Animation Videos.

Video scribing started out as a process in which an artist drew on a whiteboard and recorded the process on video. After all of the drawings had been recorded, the video footage was then sped up to match an accompanying voiceover to complement the story that the artist is trying to tell.

Nowadays, most video scribing companies, including Cartoon Media, use software to replicate the effect of the hand drawing the images. This presents a much cleaner and clearer effect, with perfect lighting and no shadowing over the image.

What Can Video Scribing Do For Your Business?

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to Video Scribing and it’s one of the newest, coolest and personalized types of marketing around.

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to boost your brand recognition, video scribes have been shown to increase higher visitor and click through rates than traditional marketing materials.

By incorporating video scribing into your marketing mix you will see increased traffic, more engagement and click-throughs, and more overall sales.

Allowing people to both see and hear the message your are trying to convey, enables them to absorb and remember the information better, and overall provides a greater chance of brand recognition and increased sales.

Here’s some of our example video scribes:

Find Out How to Have Your Own High-Quality Video Scribe

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