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How Video Content Is Guaranteed To Help Grow Your Business

Video content is the perfect tool for attracting visitors to your website and educating them about your products or services. The average user spends around 8-20 seconds on a page they haven’t visited before, so the first eight seconds are crucial for giving people a reason to stay longer. Having such a short moment to catch people’s attention, having just text and pictures on your website is no longer effective. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to show your new potential clients via an Explainer Video why they should buy your product or service.

Cisco states that by 2019 video will make up to 80% of all traffic compared to 67% in 2014. And according to Forbes, it’s time to stop regarding video as just an additional tool of online marketing, and make it your primary marketing tool. Forbes predicts that B2C and B2B companies will use more of video due to its higher reach, engagement, effectiveness and overall ROI compared to text content.

Animated Explainer Videos are great when your product or service cannot be easily explained in a live video – for example, if it’s about developing websites or contextual advertising. With animation, you have full freedom of how your message is delivered, using fantasy or reality imagery, and this is a great advantage over other video genres, especially when your budget is limited. 81% of businesses that have invested in Animated Explainer Videos have said that their strategy helped increase sales.

Google is still updating its algorithm constantly, which makes it difficult to achieve a higher SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). A website with video on its landing page is more likely to appear on the first page of different search engines. You’ll also be able to monitor the performance of your video, who watches it, when and where your viewers are from, and many other data points that will be useful when formulating your next strategic step.

Video is not a piece of content you would only use once or for a few weeks. It’s something that builds trust and creates connections during a long period of time. It’s the best way to introduce your company to new visitors to your site, increasing the length of time they remain on your site and boosting enquiries and sales. These benefits are worth a lot more than the price paid for production. Video Marketing can be an immensely powerful marketing channel. It’s also a surprisingly inexpensive marketing option — one that, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t require a Fortune 500-scale budget.