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How to Choose the Right Whiteboard Animation Production Company

Looking for the right Whiteboard Animation production company for your needs can be exhausting. There are many companies out there promising you high-quality Whiteboard Videos. So how do you choose one that will deliver an outstanding video for you?

High-quality illustration is not the only thing you need to check in order to choose the most effective company.

Whiteboard Animation videos can increase both traffic to your website, and your website’s conversion rate, to help you generate more sales, but only if done correctly.

It’s imperative that your Whiteboard Animation production company can be trusted to create an effective video that attracts your target customers.

Here is one of Cartoon Media’s example whiteboard animation videos:

Choosing the right whiteboard animation service can be done by evaluating 5 key factors:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Voiceover
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations
  • Animations

Here’s how you evaluate each factor to choose the right production company for you.

1. You need a killer script

The foundation of any Whiteboard Animation video is a killer script. The right Whiteboard Animation production company should be able to produce a fantastic script for the production of a video that converts in the best possible way.

If the script is poor, your video will also be poor, no matter how attractive it looks.

The script acts as the heart of your Whiteboard video. It contains the message you need to entice and convert your viewers into customers. A lot of animation production companies can screw up this first part of the process. Make sure that you check their portfolio, customer reviews and evaluate their skills when it comes to script writing.

When evaluating a script, you need to look at its outline and how it impacts the viewers. Make sure the message addresses your customer’s needs and effectively explains your product or service.

2. Choosing the right Voice Over – Gender, Age, Tone and Style

Choosing the right gender for your voiceover is essential in making your Whiteboard Animation video effective. According to the surveys garnered by Adweek Media/Harris Poll recently, the gender of your voiceover depends on what industry you are serving. That means that both female and male voiceover have persuasion power.

Here are some beneficial factors to each:

When using a Female Voice Over
Female voice over has a soothing power that can influence both males and females to buy. Surveys carried out suggested that both male and female would rather listen and also believe a female voiceover over a male one. The female voice carries more trust overall, but this can alter between industries.

When using a Male Voice Over
If you are in the gadgets, computer, cars or other industries that most men are interested with, surveys show you should opt for a male voiceover instead. Studies show a higher level of trust in a male voice for ‘male dominated’ industries.

So if your business falls under industries that most men are interested with, you should opt for a male voiceover instead of a female voiceover.

3. Meaningful and engaging storyboard

Storyboarding is a description of the images that sets out your Whiteboard Animation video. This process tells you what would it look like and how the script is interpreted. the storyboarding process is often done in 2 stages. First, you’ll get a written description of the images that will appear on screen. Once you have approved these, the cartoonist will provide a series of sketches showing how each scene will look.

Make sure that the production company you choose performs this process so you can check it thoroughly. Both them and you as the customer must be happy with the way the visuals work together with the script. This will prevent problems further down the line when the cartoonist is creating the images.

4. High-quality Illustrations

How are the illustrations created? Do they meet your standards? Would your target audience accept the quality of the illustrations?

There are many Whiteboard Animation production companies that claim to create high-quality illustrations. However, creating illustrations is not just all about literally creating the graphics needed for the animation.

The right company should be able to interpret the script in an innovative way. This means that the illustrations must complement the voiceover instead of distracting from it. They must also leave an impression on the viewer. The illustrations need to be creative and innovative at all times.

Check out our showreel below to see various styles of Whiteboard Animation and also 2D video.

5. Animation Quality

Here you can see all the elements combined together to form a continuous motion within a specific time frame. Make sure that the company you choose is able to provide a clean and high quality animation. Take your time checking their portfolio and evaluate their previous work.

Is their work smooth? Does it flow properly? Were there any dropped frames during the animation? If they are filming a cartoonist drawing live, do they use good quality lighting? Does their animation load properly when uploaded to a website? Are their animations precise?

The video quality will reflect the quality of your product, service or company. It is very important that you don’t use a cheap, poor-quality Whiteboard Animation production company if you are selling a high-quality product.


Now that you know the 5 factors that made up a whiteboard animation and how to evaluate each factor, you’ll be able to find the right Whiteboard Animation Production Companythat meets the criteria given above.

An extra bit of advice from us, don’t look at the price quoted by the company as the most important criteria. Instead, look after the quality because you need Whiteboard Animation to increase your conversion rate.

A cheap Whiteboard Animation video can harm your brand rather than build it, so it’s often better to balance your budget with the quality and effectiveness of the video you’ll get for the money.

Your video should be treated as an investment, which it should quickly generate in increased sales, and continue making money for you over time. Focus mainly on the service reviews and overall quality of the production company to ensure it meets your product, service and company standards.

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