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Three Powerful Types of Story for Your Explainer Video

One of the most effective ways of engaging your target customer, and helping them to understand how your product or service can benefit them, is to base your Explainer Video around a story line.

Here are three types of story that you could use in your video:

1. Customer Experience

The main goal of this type of video is to show the audience an ideal customer of the company, who has a problem which can be solved by them. Perhaps it’s a mother and father in need of a babysitter, and they could get help from an agency. Perhaps it’s a businessman who is constantly on his phone and needs a spare battery to carry around. The video could be created around any possible problem that your target customers face in their everyday lives.

This whiteboard animation video was created for a US based company Midzi, who act as a safety zone for financial transactions. The video explains their product in a simple but effective way and makes their app easy to understand.

2. Comparison With Competitor

Chances are that your business has competitors. You know that there are specific ways in which you are better than them (service, reliability, quality, price etc.), so your video can cover these benefits in a story. By doing this, you are educating your target customers on the perils of choosing your competitors, as well as the benefits of using your product or service. By establishing a contrast for the consumer and trying to influence their buying choice, the companies who use that strategy often obtain a larger market share.

A great example of a comparative video is the one we created for Shippers Supply, who has been providing packaging services since 1952. The short, but engaging video introduces them to business owners, who could benefit from their expertise and learn about the value their company can offer.

3. Action Storyline

Rather than have a narrator tell your story, your video can focus on the main character’s actions from their point of view. To see an example of this, check out our latest video for Frontline Pest Control who came to us with their story to promote their new product – mosquito extermination and control. We produced a 90-second whiteboard animation video that succinctly delivers Frontline’s message in a humourous way.

In the video, the main character is a mosquito, who leads his army of insects into a mission to sting as many people as possible at a barbeque. They do succeed indeed, however, the people are ready for round two and have hired Frontline Pest Professionals to make the garden free from mosquitoes. The insects are then defeated once and for all. This is a perfect example of an action storyline, because it has the company as a hero, who saves everyone from the next attack. It also has the bad guys – the mosquitoes who want nothing but to sting you. And finally it has the necessary conflict which can be solved by only the hero.

If you would like to discuss the best type of approach for your video script, please contact us for your free strategy session. Please call us on +44 (0)8000 19 85 22 (UK) or 1-800-345-2064 (US/Canada) or contact us.

If you like one, or maybe even all three of the ideas, why don’t you give us a call and we’ll see what would be the best solution that we could offer for your business!

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