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Cartoon Media UK – The Best Whiteboard Animation Company UK

Whiteboard Videos are able to communicate the most complex messages in the simplest of terms and. As if by magic, they bring stories to life! If you’re looking for an Animation Company in the UK, you’re in luck. At Cartoon Media, we specialize in both Whiteboard Animation and 2D Explainer Videos.

Cartoon Media was founded in 2012, which makes us one of the longest-running Whiteboard Animation companies in the UK.Our aim is to provide the highest quality, full production service, with videos that earn back their investment in a short space of time.

We’re based in Kent, about an hour’s train journey from London, but have clients around the world, from the USA and Canada to Singapore and Australia.

With digital communications at its highest level ever, every successful marketing campaign includes some kind of Explainer Video element. For those who don’t want to record ‘face to camera’ promotional videos, we meet the demand for high quality, compelling and entertaining animated marketing and training videos.

We have created Whiteboard and 2D Explainer Videos for many UK businesses and organisations such as Siemens, Fuzzy Brush, Hilti, Mazuma Mobile, Hilton, the UK Government, and many more.

“We are extremely pleased with the video that Cartoon Media produced for us. The voice-over and cartoons are perfect for our audience and the product is good value for the money. As a project organisation we were particularly impressed with the detailed plan they produced at the outset, which kept us all on track. We had a very tight timescale and they were able to deliver on time. It was a great experience!” – Tony Seigel, Capability Consultant, Infrastructure and Projects Authority, Home Office.

Whiteboard Animation Company in Kent, UK

Although we’re based in Kent, UK, we create Whiteboard Videos and 2D Explainer Videos for companies worldwide.

Whiteboard Animation is a process where a hand draws a creative story on screen. Sometimes the videos created in this style are called Doodle Videos or Video Scribes. The style is often used to simplify complex ideas and to talk about the subject in an easy-going and fun way.

Whiteboard Animations are very popular among businesses to explain how their products or services work, or to train staff. They engage, educate and entertain viewers, compelling them to watch the video through to the end and then take the call to action, such as to contact you for a free consultation.

Industries where Whiteboard Animation can be especially useful are insurance, startup businesses and training organisations. This is because the videos simplify often complex topics or ideas, making them more understandable to the audience.

Check out our Showreel:

[cboxarea id=”cbox-OwfxyqQWnZkZ5vZC”]

Not every video style hits the mark and is great for businesses, but Whiteboard Animation truly is the best bridge to communicate with potential customers and start conversations with them.

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Are you looking for a trusted UK Whiteboard Animation Company or 2D Animation Company? Whether you know the kind of animated video that you need, or you don’t know the first thing about video marketing and want some expert guidance, we’re here to discuss how to exceed your business goals and help you determine if we’re a good fit for your needs.

Call us for a free consultation on our UK number: +44 (0)800 019 8522.

We are based at: Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7FG.

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