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What are the Best Whiteboard Animation Companies?

If you’re looking for the best Whiteboard Animation Companies to produce a great-looking, high-performing marketing or training video for your business, here are the best at the different price ranges:

Low-Priced Whiteboard Animation Companies (less than $1500 per minute)

If you’re looking to spend less than $1500 per minute for your Whiteboard Animation Video, you need to be very careful.

Many Whiteboard Animation Companies that work in this price range offer a low quality, or partial, service.

At this price, you are unlikely to find a reliable Whiteboard Animation Company who can write a quality script, and produce a high-performing video with a professional voiceover, without using stock cartoon images. Corners will often be cut because of the financial restrictions.

If you don’t mind doing some or most of the work yourself, then this is an option, but do you have the video marketing experience to do the job properly?

Writing a video script and storyboard is not the same as writing a web page or blogpost. And if your script and storyboard are not effective in selling your product or service, then your video will fail no matter how pretty it looks.

Also, because of the lower cost per project, these companies are more likely to limit the number of corrections to your video. So you may have to pay more to correct their mistakes.

As a result there are no companies in this price range that we can readily recommend.

Mid-Priced Whiteboard Animation Companies ($1500 – $4000 per minute) – Cartoon Media – From $1995

Cartoon Media specialise in fully ‘done for you’, high-quality Whiteboard Animation Videos, from £1495/$1995 per minute, and 2D Cartoon Explainer Videos with full colour and full animation, like a cartoon, for just £2995/$3995 per minute.

Here is one of Cartoon Media’s example whiteboard videos:

Our professional copywriters will write a script and storyboard to engage your audience and help you sell more of your product or service.

One of our professional cartoonists will bring your storyboard to life, drawing top-quality doodle images from scratch based on your storyboard. We never use stock images like many of our competitors.

We’ll also find a professional voiceover artist to match your requirements in gender, tone and accent. In fact, if you want a specific regional accent, we’ll try our best to find a voiceover artist to match it – all at no extra cost!

And we also offer an ‘unlimited corrections’ guarantee so that you know that your vision in the agreed storyboard will be reflected in your Whiteboard Animation Video.

In short, you won’t find a better value Whiteboard Animation Company in this price range.

High-priced Whiteboard Animation Companies ($5000+ per minute) – Ydraw – From $7500

If money is no object, and you want the best-looking whiteboard animation video, then your best bet is Ydraw.

The quality of their artwork is great, but comes at a price.

You can expect to pay at least $6500 for one-minute of video, without colour or shading.

Here’s an example Ydraw video:

If that’s out of your price range, they have also created white-label videos where they will enter your business contact details into a ready-made video, at a cheaper price.

The problem with this approach, however, is that your video will look like that of a lot of other businesses. How are you going to stand out from the crowd if you’ve bought a cookie-cutter video?

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