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5 Ways That Clip Art Animated Videos Can Kill Your Business

The Pitfalls of Clip Art Animated Videos And How They Negatively Impact Your Business

In the pursuit of cost-effective animated videos, many businesses unknowingly fall into a trap by opting for companies that offer animation at incredibly low rates. However, these seemingly budget-friendly choices often result in unexpected consequences, negatively impacting brand performance and sales. In this article, we shed light on the detrimental effects of relying on clip art animated videos for your business.

Every year, we see hundreds of business owners needing a high-quality animated video, but then hiring a company low-cost company or freelancer.

But once their video is live, it doesn’t perform as well as they expected. In some cases, the video actually reduces sales. How can that be? Surely any video is better than no video, right?


There’s one major factor that businesses overlook when hiring a low-cost animation company.

Clip art.

Clip art is a pre-created illustrated image (either drawn or computer-generated) that can be used again and again.

Videos produced using cut-rate software tools and pre-made clip art images can lead to outcomes far from desirable.

What’s more, there are thousands of companies and freelancers advertising in places such as who produce only clip art videos, passing them off as unique creations.

Don’t be fooled. Before you hire a low-cost video company think about these 5 ways that a clip art video can kill your business:

1. Cookie-Cutter Resemblance to Competitors

If your competitors are trying to cut costs like you, they’ll be getting quotes from companies who use clip art videos. And if their video is produced using the same software as yours, their videos will look like yours. They might even have the same clip art images in them.

This lack of distinction raises the likelihood of potential customers losing interest in your business due to perceived imitation.

2. Your Message is Shoe-Horned Around the Images

Clip art libraries tend to include images that can be used again and again in a range of situations. This causes problems when you want to show how different your product or service is in your industry. Either you have to limit what can be said in order to match the choice of images that are available, or you could have a killer script but the images don’t match the words being spoken, and this can confuse the viewer.

3. Monotony Breeds Disengagement

Familiarity breeds contempt. As more and more freelancers set up their own businesses based around creating clip art animated videos, the more likely it is that someone has seen a video that looks exactly like yours, and this increases the chances that they’ll click away.

4. Crafted by Inexperienced Hands

Because clip art videos are so simple to put together, this lowers the barrier to entry for anyone wanting to set up an animated video company. The absence of artistic vision compromises the quality and effectiveness of your video, failing to align with your objectives.

You’ll get a video, but not one that achieves your goals.

5. They Make Your Brand Look Cheap

As we already said, utilizing clip art videos heightens the risk of your content resembling that of competitors, eroding the perception of your brand’s uniqueness. The message you are sending your viewer is that you are a brand unwilling to invest in its identity, conveying a sense of cheapness.

Don’t worry – there is an alternative.

Fortunately, alternatives exist that provide superior outcomes without breaking the bank.

At Cartoon Media, we never use clip art or templates in our videos. We specialize in crafting custom-designed videos, ensuring your content is a true reflection of your brand’s essence. Unlike clip art, our animations are unique and tailored to your requirements, be it Whiteboard Animation or 2D animations.

We’ll manage your project at every stage, from the scriptwriting through to choosing a backing music track that complements the professional voice track.

Choose Quality Over Bargains

In the realm of animated videos, quality should reign supreme over cost-cutting endeavors. The allure of budget-friendly clip art solutions often masks the potential damage they can inflict on your brand’s identity, engagement, and sales. By partnering with experts who create bespoke animations, such as Cartoon Media, you can ensure your business’s narrative remains authentic, engaging, and distinctive. Get in touch with us today to explore how our custom-designed videos can drive your business forward without compromising on excellence.