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10 Key Business Problems That Explainer Videos Solve

Professionally produced animated Explainer Videos can be used in multiple ways to grow your business and make life easier.

Here are 10 common business problems that can be solved with an animated Explainer Video.

1. Google Ranking Needs Improving Quickly

With Google regularly updating its ranking algorithm, it can be costly to pay an SEO company to keep your website at the top of Google. A simpler way of getting ranked on Page 1 of Google for your keywords is with video.

It’s much easier to rank an Explainer Video on Page 1 of YouTube for your main keywords than to rank your website on Google. And because Google owns YouTube, it now includes YouTube videos in its search rankings.

Getting your video featured on Page 1 of Google can happen as quickly as 24 hours. Ensure your main keywords are featured in the Title, Description and Tags of your video, and include a link pointing to your website in the description.

2. Uncomfortable in Front of the Camera

We all know that video marketing is becoming more and more popular. But if you’re obviously nervous in front of the camera, recording yourself can repel your target audience rather than attract them.

Animated Explainer Videos are proven to be more effective than Talking Head videos in engaging new customers and presenting your brand in a professional way. Our custom Explainer Videos all feature a professional voice artist, with a native regional accent of your choice if required, so you know your video will sound great as well as look amazing.

3. People Don’t Understand What You Do

It’s not always easy to quickly explain to a potential new customer exactly what your business does and how it can help them. That’s why we have a script consultation process to find out all about your business, your target audience, your competitors and your business goals, so that we can craft a script that succinctly but powerfully explains the key benefits of using your product and service.

We can also frame your message in an engaging story showing how a typical customer will benefit from hiring you or buying your product. Once people understand you, they’re much more likely to buy from you.

4. People Don’t Understand Why They Should Buy From You

These days, brand longevity and loyalty aren’t as valuable as they were twenty years ago. If you’re in a highly-competitive industry, setting yourself apart from the pack can be a challenge. What exactly is it that makes you unique? What do you do better than your competitors? If your prices are higher, why are you still excellent value?

These are key factors of our script consultation process for all of our marketing and branding videos. Highlighting what makes you unique is the best way to attract the right customers and giving them the confidence to buy your products or services.

5. Website Bounce Rate Too High

A typical bounce rate (the percentage of customers who leave your website after viewing just one page) is around 41%-55%. If your bounce rate is higher, you might be attracting the wrong customers to your website, or your landing pages just aren’t engaging enough.

Your website has less than 8 seconds to engage a new visitor before they click away. If your site just displays words and pictures, and doesn’t quickly explain why your business is what the visitor is looking for, this will increase the chance of them getting bored or confused and finding one of your competitors.

Displaying an Explainer Video at the top of your homepage will help improve visitor engagement and keep them on your site for longer, which will in turn improve your Google ranking and increase the possibility of them taking the next step in your sales funnel (see Point 6 below).

6. Website Not Turning Visitors Into Enquiries

Once a visitor to your website has understood your business and how you can help them, they want it to be clear what the next steps should be if they want to find out more. This is why most of our marketing videos end with a Call to Action, such as requesting a quote or booking a call.

If your target customer typically needs to know a lot more about your business than can be explained in a short animated video, then you can display an opt-in box beside or just below your video where they can enter their email address in return for more information, such as a free report or brochure.

You can then add them into an automated sequence of emails which drip-feeds them helpful tips and links to other pages on your site, ensuring that they keep coming back and engaging with your website, increasing the changes of them buying from you with each interaction. Your emails can also ask them to simply respond if they would like to ask any questions, or to contact you directly by phone or your website contact form.

For example, this video for a phone app includes two calls to action – to either download the app, or call to discuss requirements.

7. Sales Conversations Taking Too Long

If you or your sales team are regularly spending a few minutes of every sales call explaining what your business does and why you’re better than your competitors, this is wasted time, and time is money.

Displaying your Explainer Video at the top of your homepage, your social media platforms and your Google My Business page will help ensure that the majority of potential customers will have watched your video before they contact you, thus saving valuable time, improving the flow of the sales call and also increasing the possibility that they have been convinced of buying your product or service before they contact you.

8. Your Business Stops When You’re Asleep

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a salesperson who works 24/7? This is one of our challenges as we have customers worldwide, but our website is regularly generating enquiries because anyone can see our videos at any time of day.

Once your Explainer Video is complete, start putting it to work for you on your website and social media channels so that it returns your investment in a matter of weeks or even days, then continues to make you money.

9. Staff Training Not Working

Whether you’re teaching new staff technical skills, like how to use your internal computer systems, sales or marketing skills, or other skills like how to complete an appraisal form (we’ve even created a video explaining how staff should be parking their vehicles!), Explainer Videos can help to make your training effective and memorable. The combination of spoken words and animated images will help your staff to understand and remember the key points of your training months later.

If you have a number of offices in different locations, you don’t need to worry about hiring multiple training staff. Just send the link to your Explainer Video to all relevant staff, and you can even set up an online test to mark their understanding (you can Google ‘Online Test Software’ for available options).

10. Your Live Presentation Needs a Killer Introduction

We’ve all experienced ‘Death by Powerpoint’ when watching a live presentation, with multiple slides made up of bullet points and the odd piece of clip art.

Whether you’re speaking to a group of colleagues, potential investors or staff, you want your audience to be switched on and engaged while watching you speak, not travelling to the Land of Nod.

Opening your speech with a short, animated Explainer Video will give your audience something different and entertaining to watch, and will set the scene for your presentation, helping you on your way to a standing ovation.

Is your business affected by any of the problems above? If so, click here to contact us and we’ll show you how we can help you build your business with a professionally-produced animated Explainer Video.

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