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3 Reasons Why You Need to be Asking for Customer Testimonials

Asking for customer testimonials are a necessity for any business.  On our website, we display over 50 testimonials from happy clients. Here’s why you need to do the same.

Testimonials Create Social Proof

Ever since Robert Cialdini released his seminal book Influence, Social Proof has been a key topic when discussing marketing for business growth.

Here’s a whiteboard animation video that one of our cartoonists created giving an overview of the themes within the book (skip to the 9-minute mark for an explanation of Social Proof):

Science Of Persuasion

We often look for Social Proof to help guide us when making tough decisions.  When we want to buy a new TV, we scour the internet for reviews and customer comments on Amazon. We ask our friends if they have any recommendations.

We don’t want to be the person who bought a dud.  We want to make an informed choice.  It’s why we check out the comments on TripAdvisor before we choose a hotel.

Here’s an awesome video on the power of social proof:

First Follower: Leadership lessons from Dancing Guy

Testimonials Build Trust

Trust is an essential part of any buying decision, as we only want to buy from people and companies that we trust to deliver on their promises.  It’s why we tend to lean towards buying household brands who have spent years or even decades building trust which is passed down from generation to generation.

Small businesses can find it a challenge to build trust, which is why asking for customer testimonials are so important, even when starting out. It’s an important element of Trust-Based Marketing.

Testimonials Provide Valuable Feedback

Not every customer might be happy with your product or service. But if they encounter problems and you go out of your way to fix them, you might turn a potential negative review into a delighted one.

In any case, it’s always worth asking your customers for their feedback after they’ve had time to experience your product or service.  Negative feedback can be invaluable in helping you to spot the key areas where your business can be improved.

I hope you found this article useful. If you’re looking for a trusted company to produce a whiteboard animation video or explainer video for your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our services.