Education Training Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Production

We’re approached by many education organisations to produce a training Whiteboard Animation or 2D Explainer video.

Our videos are used to:

  • Promote new training products or services
  • Enhance live or online training presentations
  • Give an overview of what your school can offer new pupils
  • and much more..

The action of the hand drawing cartoon images on the screen, along with the voiceover, helps viewers understand and remember key points. Because of this, Whiteboard Animation videos are much more effective in helping to educate people than face-to-camera or Powerpoint presentation videos.

We’re also approached directly by corporations to produce a series of staff training videos, such as how to use internal software, or learn new sales procedures. These are usually the customers who place regular, repeat orders. If you’re a training organisation with corporate clients, offering them professional Whiteboard Animation videos to help train their staff may be a welcome addition to their current training solutions.

Here are just a few examples of Whiteboard Animation videos that we have produced for education establishments and training companies:

If you’re an education establishment or training company looking for a Whiteboard Animation or 2D Explainer video, please call us on one of the phone numbers below or fill out the contact form below and we’ll show you how we can help grow your organisation with animation.

Click here to see our Example Whiteboard Animation & 2D Explainer Videos

“It has been a pleasure to work with you. I very much appreciate your timely response to all our requests and your patience with us as we navigated the approval process for this training project. You provided us with fantastic recommendations for our images, ways to present our concept and worked with us with utmost respect to ensure we have a high quality product.” – Roya Ghazinouri PT, DPT, MS – Harvard Medical School

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