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5 No-Brainer Advantages of Using Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation videos have been used as effective marketing and training tools since around 2009, with interest taking off mid-2011 and still on the increase.

Here are 5 reasons why whiteboard animation videos are so effective as training and marketing tools.

1. They help you stand out from your competitors

Although gaining in popularity, whiteboard animation videos are not as ubiquitous as other forms of video marketing or training, such as ‘talking head’ videos.  Therefore, it’s unlikely that many of your competitors are using them, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Explain what you do quickly and effectively

Whiteboard animation videos are also known as ‘Doodle videos’ because of the effect of drawing doodle images on a blank screen along with the voiceover and music. This article by the Wall Street Journal explains how using doodles along with words helped students improve their focus and memory. Rather than just talking to your customers or staff, whiteboard animation videos give them the extra visual help to remember the key points of your message. You can use them to make your ‘elevator pitch’ super-memorable.

3. People are more likely to click whiteboard animation videos

If you were given 2 video thumbnails to click on, either a talking head or a cartoon image, both with the same title, which one would you choose to watch?  Most people would click the cartoon version. More clicks equals more potential customers and higher rankings on the likes of YouTube.

4. Whiteboard Animation Videos are more shareable

If you’ve invested in a marketing video, you probably want it to be shared by your target audience on social media channels.  The great thing about whiteboard animation videos is that they present information that your target audience would be interested in, but in a fun way. We all love cartoons, and the education/entertainment mix of a whiteboard video makes it a more sharable format. This article by Millward Brown highlights three ‘Motivators’ that makes someone want to share a video, all of which can be included in a whiteboard video.

5. Turns complex messages into fun ideas

Maybe you’re launching a revolutionary startup business and need to convey to potential investors how you are going to change the world. Or you might be trying to teach your staff new complex legal rules or how to use new software. In either case you’ll have a challenge on your hands trying to convey your message via the likes of a Powerpoint presentation.

Whiteboard animation videos are great at conveying complex messages in a simple, easy to understand format, so your audience will be much more receptive to your message, and more responsive to it as well.

If you would like to discuss how Cartoon Media’s whiteboard animation videos can help you spread your message in a fun and entertaining way, contact us here for a free consultation.