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21 ways to get more traffic to your website

1. Great content

First things first, the key to driving more traffic to your website is having really excellent content. Have respect for your audience and accept that their attention is of value to them as well as you. Keep your pages fresh, relevant, up to date, informative and interesting. Blogs should be personal and expert. They should say something that is worth saying and say it well. There should be real merit to all content. Never copy and paste or plagiarize from other sites

2. SEO optimization

Keep your Google ranking high with outstanding quality and naturally written SEO content. Automated SEO is not the most effective tool. There is no long-term gain in gaming the search engines and Google is heavily invested in ethical SEO and improving search experiences for its own users. Successful SEO involves meta title, an accurate the description and key word optimization. Focus on long tail key words which convert better as well as pushing your page up the Google rankings.

3. Social Bookmarks

Use sites like Reddit, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and Pinterest to get your message out to a wider audience. Drive traffic to your site and create a loop of interest by inviting your audience to bookmark your site for others. These are very valuable tools in increasing internet traffic

4. Getting linked

Exchanging links with high quality relevant websites in your niche market is a great way to generate internet footfall and boost your Google ranking. You just need to ask other merchants, partners, trusted clients, your old alma mater and any other plausible source that you interrelate with to place embed hyper-linked keywords to your site. If the referrer is highly respected and is well ranked your own ranks will rise accordingly.This can create more interest for your partner site also so it is mutually beneficial. But beware, low quality empty links undermine your credibility and ultimately your site.

5. Guest Blogging

Blogging on other websites can help create a loyal base and can bring audience back to your own site. Blog exchange Exchanging articles is another great way to secure a wider audience. However it is important that it is really pertinent to your website’s core business.

6. Twitter

Post frequently on Twitter and re-tweet significant, interesting or intriguing tweets.

7. Video Marketing

A really popular way to heighten your internet presence is and to speak directly to your audience and tell them exactly what it is you do. Your YouTube video does not need to go viral to be effective if you have something that your audience wants this is the opportunity to tell them. It can be funny, sad, poignant or curious.

8. Forum Posting

Establish consistent presences on forums and message boards and contribute positive helpful comments. Remember this is free but can be time consuming.

9. Give away free stuff

Offering free stuff guarantees page views every time. It also gives you a chance to build up a really great list of email addresses.

10. Contests and competitions

Having a contest or competition will generate notice and again will help build your email data base. Stunts are good at grabbing attention and quality content will hold it.

11. Email your customer base

Use your email list wisely. Create an interesting newsletter that is of value to the recipients. You might focus on special offers or interesting tit-bits and send sparingly rather than spamming potential interested parties daily.

12. On-line advertising

Advertise on line with banner ads on appropriate sites which have a bearing on your products or services so you reach your particular target group.

13. Traditional advertising mediums

Don’t discount off line advertising as a way to target a customer base in your niche or locale.

14. Intrigue

Tickle your viewers with intriguing content, cliff hangers and follower uppers.

15. Controversy

Controversial content is one way to capture passing trade but it can backfire.The old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity may not be true.

16. Analyze page views

Track and analyse your page views to see what is working and what’s not then post more of what’s popular and less of what’s not.

17. Speed up your website

Web traffic loves sites that load quickly and will also result in more favourable Google rankings.

18. Yahoo answers

Yahoo answers is an often over looked method of stirring up internet traffic for free. Always remember to focus on providing useful, helpful answers to questions that people are really seeking. Avoid the hard sell but don’t be reluctant to create a link to a longer blog.

19. Call to Action

A clear call to action is a requirement if you are using video marketing, Facebook or other social bookmark tools to coax people on to your web pages. Invite people to go to your site and provide a link to do so. State clearly how to get to your website and invite viewers to do so NOW! You can also call viewers to share your internet site on other sites or to “like” your site or pin content to Pinterest. Always make it easy to do some by providing an embedded hyper-link.

20. Longer content

Search engines give preferential ranking to longer content. Write longer content to seduce audience and enhance Google and other search engine position.

21. Focus on a coherent internet strategy

Do less and do it better. You should focus on a few methods above rather than having a finger in all virtual pies. Rather than spreading yourself too thin attempting to secure a presence all across the world wide web for your site choose the most effective in terms of return for your time and money.