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11 Important Questions to ask Before Marketing Your Product or Service

  1. Where online does my ideal customer regularly visit?
  2. What keeps them awake at night?
  3. What are the 2 or 3 key factors that make them decide to buy our product or service (price, urgency, convenience, value for money regardless of cost, ease of use, comprehensive service, kudos, peace of mind, uniqueness etc.)?
  4. If an existing customer was asked by a friend about our product or service, which 3 things would we like them to say about the experience that would encourage that friend to buy from us?
  5. Do we regularly deliver on these 3 things, and if not how can we achieve this so that we can use them in our marketing?
  6. What questions are in my ideal customer’s head about our product or service that need to be answered before they can decide to buy?
  7. What possible concerns and objections are they considering before deciding to buy?
  8. How can we sufficiently handle those concerns and objections in our marketing?
  9. What are the ideal before and after scenarios when a customer uses our product or service for the first time?
  10. Why do we love what we do?
  11. What positive difference are we making to the world?

For our script consultation process we cover additional questions to help us write a compelling script and storyboard which speaks directly to your target audience.  If you are looking for an engaging entertaining video to market your business please contact us for a free consultation.